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Re: Incap

ViestiKirjoittaja ripeleino » 17.05.2018 17:57

Jälleen ajankohtainen uutinen kun kurssi lasketellut kuuteen euroon:

Intian tehtaassa investoidaan SMT-linjaan, joka otetaan käyttöön syksyyn mennessä.
Viimeisen 12kk liikevaihto ylittänyt 50 miljoonan rajapyykin.
Vuodesta 2018 näyttäisi tulevan 5. peräkkäinen vuosi jolloin tulos plussan puolella.

Arvostus halpa:
P/E = 8,2
EV/EBIT = n. 6,3

Indereksen Scanfil vertailuryhmätaulukossa keskiarvot:
2017 EV/EBIT 10,8, PE 14,6
2018 EV/EBIT 9,0, PE 12,9
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Re: Incap

ViestiKirjoittaja Akseli Gran » 21.05.2018 09:31

Scanfil on joka geelitukan kehujan aihe Incap kukaan ei seuraa paitti tää. ... l-returns/

Incap Oyj (HEL:ICP1V): Assessing Capital Returns
Devin Koller May 19, 2018
This analysis is intended to introduce important early concepts to people who are starting to invest and want a simplistic look at the return on Incap Oyj (HLSE:ICP1V) stock.

Incap Oyj stock represents an ownership share in the company. This share represents a portion of capital used by the company to operate the business, and it is important the company is able to use the capital base efficiently to create adequate cash flows for you as an investor. You need to pay attention to this because your return on investment is linked to dividends and internal investments to improve the business, which can only occur if the company is expected to produce adequate earnings with the capital that has been provided. Thus, to understand how your money can grow by investing in Incap Oyj, you need to look at what the company returns to owners for the use of their capital, which can be done in many ways but today we will use return on capital employed (ROCE).

Check out our latest analysis for Incap Oyj
What is Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)?
When you choose to invest in a company, there is an opportunity cost because that money could’ve been invested elsewhere. Therefore all else aside, your investment in a certain company represents a vote of confidence that the money used to buy the stock will grow larger than if invested elsewhere. So the business’ ability to grow the size of your capital is very important and can be assessed by comparing the return on capital you can get on your investment with a hurdle rate that depends on the other return possibilities you can identify. We’ll look at Incap Oyj’s returns by computing return on capital employed, which will tell us what the company can generate from the money spent in operations. ICP1V’s ROCE is calculated below:

ROCE Calculation for ICP1V

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) = Earnings Before Tax (EBT) ÷ (Capital Employed)

Capital Employed = (Total Assets – Current Liabilities)

∴ ROCE = €3.99M ÷ (€24.78M – €12.06M) = 31.39%

The calculation above shows that ICP1V’s earnings were 31.39% of capital employed. This shows Incap Oyj provides a great return on capital employed that is well above the 15% ROCE that is typically considered to be a strong benchmark. As a result, if ICP1V is clever with their reinvestments or dividend payments, investors can grow their capital at an enviable rate over time.

HLSE:ICP1V Last Perf May 19th 18
HLSE:ICP1V Last Perf May 19th 18
Does this mean I should invest?
ICP1V is efficient with the use of capital, but this is only the case if ICP1V continues to maintain the presently healthy ROCE, which will change if the company either earns less or requires more capital to create earnings. So it is important for investors to understand what is going on under the hood and look at how these variables have been behaving. Three years ago, ICP1V’s ROCE was 14.28%, which means the company’s capital returns have improved. We can see that earnings have increased from €235.00K to €3.99M whilst the amount of capital employed also grew but by a proportionally lesser volume, which suggests the larger ROCE is due to a growth in earnings relative to capital requirements.

Next Steps
Incap Oyj’s ROCE has increased in the recent past and is currently at a level that makes the company an attractive candidate that is capable of producing solid capital returns, and hence, an attractive return on investment. This is an ideal situation to be in, but return on capital employed is a static metric that should be looked at in conjunction with other fundamental indicators like the management team and valuation. If you don’t pay attention to these factors you cannot be sure if this trend will continue or reverse due to reasons that cannot be seen by looking in the past. If you’re building your portfolio and want to take a deeper look, I’ve added a few links below that will help you further evaluate ICP1V or other alternatives.
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